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School Band

Have you ever wanted to learn an instrument? Then the MPS Concert band is for you!! We are currently looking for new and dedicated band members for 2015.  

The Maryland Public School Concert Band Program is a very successful program offered at our school to all students in Years 2 to 6. 

Music is a wonderful and fulfilling life skill and we welcome all students to the band program knowing they will find it fun and rewarding.  Being a member of a band can be a truly rewarding experience.  Apart from learning to play a musical instrument, students learn to develop self-discipline, teamwork skills and also self-confidence through performing.  Membership is open to any interested and highly motivated students.

We encourage all our students to join the band but first students will need to audition with our tutors.  Once our tutors have selected dedicated and committed students and matched them to an appropriate instrument they will be offered a place in the band. Instruments are allocated to students as they hand in their commitment and permission form attached and a $25 instrument hire bond is paid to the office. The school only has a limited supply of instruments to hire out to students, however we welcome any student who already has their own instrument to join.

Instruments played in the Concert Band:

Clarinet, saxophone, flute, piccolo, trumpet, trombone, baritone, bass guitar, keyboard, drums, glockenspiel and percussion.  

Who is responsible for the school instrument:

In 2015 all students and parents will be completely responsibility for the instrument, including all repairs and buying parts for the instrument when needed such as clarinet reeds. Students will be shown how to care for it, carry it and use it safely. Misuse or careless behaviour may result in removal from the band program and payment for any deliberate damage made will be charged to you. When your child is finished using his or her instrument it must be fully serviced at a music shop or with someone qualified to do so. When the instrument is returned to school a copy of the receipt must be presented for proof of servicing. This ensures that the next student who receives the instrument has a fully functioning instrument.

You are very welcome to bring your own instrument from home to play in the school band.

Joining the band is full a 12 month commitment: 

Children who join the Band must be prepared to participate fully and understand that they have made a firm commitment to remain in the band for a full 12 monthsIf for any reason your child needs to leave the program, it must be put into writing addressed to Ms Shaw and she will discuss this further with the student, parents and the student's classroom teacher.

Junior and Senior Tuition Lessons:

1 half hour tuition lesson every week on Wednesday either in the school hall or OOSH building. Timetables will be given out to students by Ms Shaw.  We have highly experienced tutors who are outstanding musicians.

Concert Band Rehearsals:

Concert band rehearsals are a combination of both senior and junior members to increase the sound of the band and boost self-confidence for Junior students. On the discretion of our tutors, junior students will move into the Concert Band whole group practice once ready and a note will be sent home to inform parents and caregivers.

  • All Concert Band musicians will rehearse Wednesday mornings from 8:00am – 9:00am in the school hall.  All students are expected to be seated and ready no later than 8.15am.

Tuition Lesson and Concert Band Policy:

  • Tuition and band fee paymentwill be invoiced by the school and paid to the office by Week 3 of each term or lessons will not continue until payment has been received. Only lessons missed by the tutor will be credited to the next term or if there is advanced notice by parents if your child cannot attend lessons for adverse circumstances.
  • All students and parents in the band program are required to take full responsibility of the instrument including servicing, repairs, buying parts such as reeds and oil.When instruments are being returned to school the instrument must have been serviced through a proper instrument service provider and a copy of the receipt needs to accompany the instrument.
  • If the instrument is returned to school without a service or damaged the $25 instrument hire bond will not be refunded.
  • Lessons at school are provided by highly qualified and experienced musicians at a reduced rate. Whilst individual lessons provide the most rapid progress, group lessons are also offered.
  • The tuition lessons are ½ hour long and there are usually 8-10 per term.
  • All students are required to practice at home most days of the week.
  • Instruments and music folders (A4 music folders must be purchased by parents) must be brought to school every Wednesday and taken home the same day.
  • There is an expectation that your child will be on time to band rehearsals and tuition lessons, be involved in all band performances and wear our band uniform in full.
  • All students are required to commit to the band program for a minimum of 1 full year.
  • Change of instrument will only occur at the discretion of the Band Coordinator and Band Tutors.
  • All students are to follow school rules and expectations as if they are in their classroom. Parents will be notified if students are doing otherwise and behaviour management will be in line with whole school policies.
  • Formal communication on student progress will happen once a term. Tutors will provide your child with a brief report card based on their progress, commitment and attitude towards the band program and tuition lessons.
  • All students must be punctual to and from lessons and whole band practice. Classroom teachers will be aware of lesson times. If your child is wasting classroom time going to and from band this may become a classroom matter.

Tuition Fees:

Experience has shown that lesson times may have to change throughout the year a number of times to accommodate students and teachers. Your understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Whilst individual lessons provide the most rapid progress, group lessons are also offered:

  • $30 Individual ½ hour lesson (if possible)
  • $18 Group ½ hour lesson (minimum 2 students/maximum 4 students)

Band Fees:

  • Band Fee $30 per term (this contributes to the running and costs of the band)
  • Instrument Hire Bond $25 (paid once only when you receive your school instrument and is refunded once the instrument is returned in working order after a full service and receipt attached)

Tuition and Band Fee Due Dates:

Parents will be issued accounts for tuition and band fees at the beginning of each term by the school office. Parents can pay either in person or electronically. Payments can be made on MPS Website.

Fees are calculated as (expected number of teaching weeks) X ($18/$30 per lesson) + $30 band fee per term. Fees will therefore vary slightly term to term based on the number of teaching weeks.

All fees are due in full by Week 3 each term. If fees are not paid by the due date lessons will not continue until payment has been received.Only lessons missed by the tutor will be credited to the next term's invoice orif there is advanced notice by parents if your child cannot attend lessons for adverse circumstances.

Many thanks,

Mrs Shaw and Mrs Garvin (Band Coordinators)

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