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Maryland OOSH

Maryland OOSH is located on the grounds of our school and hold programs for Before and After School and Vacation Care

If you are interested in using this facility then contact Sara on 02 4955 6273

Notifying OOSH of any absences

OOSH are required to mark rolls each day on the children's arrival from school for the after school care sessions. Our aim is to have these rolls marked as quickly as possible to begin contacting families in the event of any children not present. To avoid calling families who simply forget to call us, it is extremely important that families notify us if their children are going to be absent from OOSH. The school do not notify us, it is the parents responsibility that if their child is away from school, they must also notify OOSH. Parents are asked to PHONE OOSH of absences as to ensure the message is received. Emails are not always seen on time and may mean you incur the non-notification fee.

Non-notification fees are charged and will be increased to $10.00 each session we are not notified of an absence, and $5.00 for each additional child in the family. This will take effect on the 14th July 2015.

We must be notified of before school care absences BEFORE 8.25 am and BEFORE 2.50pm for after school care. This fee does NOT attract any CCB or CCR! It is 100% payable by you.

All families have signed an agreement to notify of all absences on their enrolment form and are aware of the non-notification fee.

We ask for your support in reminding your children if they are to be at OOSH, to arrive quickly once the bell has gone so that we can account for each child in a timely manner.

2016 Committee Meeting Date (PDF 179KB)

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Parent handbook (PDF 337KB)

2016-2017 Vacation Care (PDF 3.2MB)

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